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Chilling Unit C-5 

C-5 is a Mobile quick-chiller to bring cold packs to the ideal temperature for use and to make sure they stay that way all day long. The specially designed chilling elements guarantee a rapid chilling. Easily moved on the 7½ cm rubber wheels. 


      • 440 watt 
      • Capacity 12 cold packs 
      • Silent operation 

      Technical Specifications

      Mains voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz 
      Current 2 A 
      Work 0.14914 kWh of 1/5 hp 
      Type of refrigarant R-134A 
      Amount of refrigerant 0,325L 
      Test pressure high 1.62 MPa (235 psi) low 1.03 MPa (150 psi) 
      Normal operating 12°C to -6°C 
      Weight74 kg 
      Dimensions (hxwxb)
      84 x 41 x 69 cm

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