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An innovative pressure dynamometer. K-Bubble is the ideal tool to objectively measure patients’ ability to exert pressure with any body part, as it transforms pressure variations in force measurements. It is indicated for tests on the adductors or the cervical rachis. K-Bubble comes with the following accessories: 

  • 1 valve
  • 1 ball
  • 2 rolls of different dimensions



  • Assess & Retrain 
  • User-friendly 
  • Versatile 


K-Invent Muscle Controller Assessment Report

Max Strength Evaluation

This assessment tests the maximal strength. The max corresponds to 100% of the strength abilities. It is related to a short and strong physical effort and it is very helpful as a work reference. The most relevant measured parameter is the force peak. 



Exercises are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete on a targeted zone and optimize the work. Following the assessment results, the target zone is adjustable to a percentage of the max evaluation. 

Repetition Counts

Based on the assessment reference, you will train your patients on a specific number of repetitions to reach a specific target (% of the max). With the Reps Counts, you will control in real-time the achievement as well as the pace of the repetitions. A repetition is counted when there is a muscles contraction & release cycle. 

Isometric Exercise

On the opposite of the Reps count, this exercise requires a sustained and static movement instead of squeeze & release contraction cycles. It implies to keep the muscle contraction while keeping a steady position, and it requires control and accuracy of the level of strength. You can set a target for your patients. 


10 Levels of Difficulty

Meet Karl, the KINVENT’s kangaroo who moves in different playful setups. The games are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete with fun and towards a target, which can be adjusted in terms of percentage of the Max Evaluation, depending on the assessment results. Moreover, there are 10 levels of difficulty for each game, proposing an extra challenge to the patient/athlete. 


Karl is a Scuba Diver! Your patient will have fun controlling motion and strength in order to avoid the mean fishes while collecting a fortune of pearls and diamonds. 


This rehab-game makes Karl evolve with his hang-gliding in the desert. Controlling their strength and motion in order to make Karl avoid the cactus while collecting as much as possible of tree-leaf and butterflies, your patient will be happy to play. 

PDF Reports

Results Details

Results details of a max test. The results allow to highlight the percentage of deficit or imbalance between both hands. Each KFORCE report can be exported in a PDF format. 

K-Invent Deltas Patient Results Report

Results Over Time

The key of the progress for the functional rehabilitation is the motivation. This motivation can be powered by the measurement and the ability to compare the starting point regarding the current state as well as how much effort are still remaining before the recovery or the return to sport. 

Use Cases

antisel-physio K-BUBLE kinvent

Grip Measurement

Grip measurement by the way of the air grip plugged into the K-Bubble. 

antisel-physio K-BUBLE kinvent

Chest Strength Measurement

Chest strength measurement with the touch ball plugged into the K-Bubble. 

antisel-physio K-BUBLE kinvent

Neck Extension Measurement

Neck extension measurement by the way of the air grip plugged into the K-Bubble. 


Professional profiles13620 
Basic assessment
Basic protocols
Customized activity
Customized protocols
Multiple patients execution
Super Excellence Protocols
Premium Protocols 
Motion Capture
Deltas + SENS activities
Deltas interfacing
Biofeedback Trainings
Οδηγός αποκατάστασης 
Rehab Guide 
PDF report of one session
PDF advanced report
Customed signature  
Multiple patients exports  
KINVENT Connect 
CSV exports 

Technical Specifications

Minimum Requirements  Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Weight 36 gr
Dimensions (R x D)  Ø 52 x 30 mm
Wireless Range  Up to 50 meters  
Max Force  0.4 bar 
Battery 12h of autonomy, 1,3h for charging  
Precision 1.5%
Acquisition frequency  175 Hz  
Wireless transmission Frequency  2.4 GHz band (Bluetooth Low Energy)  

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